Timeless Tradition Tjawina Porter from Tali GalleryAborginal Art at Tali GalleryAboriginal Art at Tali GalleryTali Gallery set design for Awaken on NITV
Tali Gallery paintings installed Tali Gallery Painting RozellePolly Ngale at Tali Gallery Melanie Hava from Tali Gallery Client home paintings from Tali GallerySarrita King Loungeroom from Tali Gallery RozelleJeannie Mills at Tali GallerySubtletyMolly Jugadai from Tali Gallery Judy Watson Napangardi Tali Gallery

Elton Wirri from Tali GalleryMargaret Nangala Brown from Tali Gallery Art from Tali Gallery 2 Art from Tali GalleryTjawina Porter from Tali GalleryWinston Walford from Tali Gallery Walala Tjapaltjarri from Tali Gallery Doris Bush from Tali Gallery Framed Fine Art Screen Prints - from Tali Gallery

Christine Napanangka Michaels fromTali Gallery Tarisse King from Tali Gallery Alma Nungarrayi Granites from Tali Gallery Rozelle Alec Baker from Tali Gallery Kathy Maringka from Tali Gallery Sarrita King from Tali Gallery Keturah Zimran from Tali Gallery Tjawina Porter from Tali Gallery Dreamtime Spirits of the Sea, Grace Rosendale from Tali Gallery Sarrita King and Susan Wanji Wanji from Tali Gallery Ngoia Pollard from Tali Gallery King Sisters Collaboration from Tali Gallery


Anne Nungarrayi Dixon from Tali Gallery

Indigenous Art Code

Dianne Robinson from Tali Gallery

Aboriginal Art in the HomeNellie Coulthardt from Tali Gallery
Bob Burruwal Sculpture and Liddy Walker Painting from Tali Gallery

Alec Baker at Tali Gallery 3


Aboriginal Art from Tali Gallery



Tali Gallery has won multiple awards for our careful and ethical sourcing of artworks – our work connecting communities – and our friendly, helpful and personal service.

Our Gallery in Rozelle offers beautiful and fascinating Aboriginal Artworks in a range of media including quality Paintings, Prints, Artefacts, Crafts and Gifts sourced directly from Aboriginal Owned Community Art Centres and Independent Urban and Regional Artists all over Australia.  The Tali Gallery customerartwork we promote offers cultural integrity and enduring provenance.
We are also involved with Shorty Jangala Robertson at Tali Aboriginal Art Gallery Sydney Cultural Programs, Education and Fundraising for which we were granted Macquarie University’s Inclusive Communities recognition in 2012 and the Pauline McLeod Reconciliation Award in 2013. In addition, we have been included in the Best of Sydney listings, awarded ‘Best Indigenous Art and Artefacts’ in 2012 and ‘Best Indigenous Art Gallery’ in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Alice Nampitjinpa fine art print from Tali Gallery


Barbara Weir Tali Gallery

Art in the Home from Tali Gallery

Analisa Photo 1 from Tali Gallery Analisa Photo 2 from Tali Gallery

Sarrita King painting from Tali Gallery


Melanie Hava on the Wall Tali Gallery Tarisse King trial Tali Gallery





Tali Gallery offers impeccable provenance with the Art Centre model of guaranteed authenticity and ethical sourcing. We also represent a select number of Urban Artists who choose to work with us.  The art centres and artists we work with consign their artworks to Tali Gallery and set the prices which we adhere to as their agents and representatives. Some of our artwork has come off exhibition at public institutions such as the City of Sydney Libraries, The Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Art School and the Powerhouse Museum. Tali Gallery is a long standing member of the Indigenous Art Code which sets best practice for quality and ethical standards nationally



Prior to establishing Tali Gallery, Di Stevens studied Art and Design and later, Psychology, working as a social and marketing researcher in Sydney and Europe, simultaneously following her passion for art on her travels. After spending time in various communities, Di attended the inaugural GARMA Festival and on her return to Sydney, was inspired to work with local Aboriginal tour operator, Aunty Margret Campbell, to create cultural events on the harbour and also developed an educational program for use in schools using traditional and contemporary artworks as a vehicle to provide insights and improved understanding. This was done with the kind permission of Aunty Fay Carroll.

Yhanni Anthis is an award winning documentary maker involved for a decade in the film industry, also operating a post production editing facility. He was involved in several projects relating to Indigenous culture, including the film, ‘Art from the Heart’.   Yhanni has also worked on several  internet related projects and loves all things salt water.  With his Greek background, Yhanni is appreciative of the comparative longevity of Australian Aboriginal culture and the history related to white settlement.

Tali Gallery now enables us to promote quality, beautiful and ethically sourced paintings, fine art prints, artefacts and crafts as a means of conveying the remarkable and profound nature of Australian Indigenous culture with respect, and to assist in strengthening and improving the well being of Aboriginal communities. We work with some 25 Aboriginal Owned Art Centres and while offering a selection of collectible and high quality artworks, Tali Gallery also offers affordable art and crafts and hand selected gifts to ensure that our offerings are accessible to everyone and to lend further support to artists and communities.




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In house stretching and framing services (with very favourable costs and high quality materials)

Fundraising exhibitions and curatorial assistance

Educational programs and public speaking, curator’s talks for adults and children from 3 years upwards


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We curate exhibitions in the Gallery as well as for the City of Sydney Libraries, various festivals and NAIDOC Week events, school fundraising programs and special events outside our Rozelle Gallery premises.  We also organise special cultural and artist events and Di is a highly regarded public speaker.

We are involved in various Indigenous Scholarship fundraising programs including the Endowment at the International Grammar School and the Newington College Bursary program. We also actively fund raise for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation with the cooperation of the Beanie Festival in Alice Springs by introducing Beanie Days in Sydney schools. Our own cultural awareness and educational events have earned us several awards.

When you purchase from Tali Gallery, you will be buying at a fair price agreed with the not for profit community organisation where the art is created, and not only are you supporting these Indigenous communities in a positive way, you are contributing to our own Gallery efforts to promote projects relating to Indigenous literacy and educational programs in preschools, schools and the community at large.

Tali Gallery is also involved in various local projects, including the organisation of Rozelle Fest, and regularly lends fundraising support in our own community which we have been part of as residents for some 30 years.

Di holds Aboriginal Art Courses through the North Sydney Community Centre and the Sydney Community College.  She has worked with Community Art Centres, Amnesty International and several prominent photographers (including Wayne Quilliam) on a travelling photographic exhibition relating to the diversity and richness of Indigenous culture which is available to be loaned to schools, organisations, companies and local libraries.

To complement the sustainable nature of Aboriginal culture, and in the interest of Making a  Positive Difference, we also stock a range of Cross Cultural, Fair Trade and Recycled accessories, gifts and home wares from Indigenous cultures designed within but created outside Australia by social enterprise organisations.








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