22ac43b593cd2e07a5a1748017ad2340Tali Gallery will soon be hanging contemporary textiles with traditionally themed designs from Erub Arts in the Torres Strait Islands in the City of Sydney’s Customs House Library in July and August as part of their NAIDOC Week Evetns.  We are pleased to also present ghost net bags and jewellery and other creations, also from Erub Arts on Darnley Island.

In the Gallery in Rozelle, we have hung magnificant and exquisitely detailed, limited edition fine art prints – lino cuts and etchings – from two very famous TSI Artists, Dennis Nona and Alick Tipoti telling tales of the sea and traditional stories.  These prints are available framed and unframed.  There are also two special skatedecks with engraved TSI stories by Dennis Nona.  Please contact the Gallery for further information.  Further small framed and unframed Vinyl Cuts by Glen Kei Kalak Mackie, Joemen Zorro Nona, Daniel O’Shane and Justin Earl Majid are also available.


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