Tali Gallery is pleased to present a surprising journey through six remote art communities in an exhibition of photographs as part of the Head On Photo Festival.


We are privy to understanding the longest living continuous culture in the world through the artwork that is created in Aboriginal owned, remote art centre communities where people live traditionally. Despite much Aboriginal art displaying a remarkable contemporary aesthetic, it also represents an extraordinary anthropological record of spirituality and cultural practice.

This intriguing exhibition reveals unusual glimpses of traditional life, quirky aspects of art creation unique to these remote communities, the unexpected integration of aspects of ‘western’ culture, and evidence of the acclaim and interest in Aboriginal Art internationally. Very importantly, it shows how the creation of art keeps culture strong and is vital for maintaining health, pride and self esteem where First Australians choose to live on their traditional lands, because it is linked to country and law and an individual’s sense of place.


Group Show: Art curators from Yuendumu, Ramingining & Melville Island, DigiFM (Elcho Island), Amnesty International (Utopia Homelands), Wayne Quilliam (Walkley & NAIDOC Artist of the Year Award Winner) and Nathan Dyer (Kimberley).


Daily guided tours of the exhibition at 11.30am and 3.30pm


Screening of film, ‘My Generation’, Thursday 24th May, 6.30pm