Di has been asked to give a presentation on Aboriginal Art at Amnesty International’s unveiling of the artworks they recently purchased from graduating students of Eora College in February. She’ll also be a proud member of Leichhardt Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan Committee, meeting for the first time next week. It’s wonderful when art experiences have the ability to unite cultures!
We’ve also got a very busy March planned with lots of Sydney Art Month events, including Di speaking on a panel with two other Gallerists about how to go about buying Aboriginal Art, being moderated by author and art curator, Jane Raffan. Then there’s our opening of Wayne McGinness’s stainless steel exhibition and Close the Gap event during the fabulous Rozelle precinct Art party and a pram tour for mums as well as kids’ workshops with Danielle Sullivan in 3D and didge with Charlie McMahon especially for kids.
We’ll have more art centres visiting with special events for their artists in March/April and we’ll also be participating in some special Indigenous scholarship fundraising events in May and later in the year.
We chose this painting for this post, (Our Land, by Sarrita King, urban artist with Gurundji heritage), because it shows how the fabric of our lives can be broken when we become disconnected and how our country can be damaged if we lose our connection to the land. We need to repair these threads and close the gap, and reconciliation and recognition is the pathway we are following to heal and move forward.