Tali Gallery has numerous external philanthropic exhibitions coming up at the end of March/early June.   We are curating magnificant artworks from some 20 communities located all over Australia.   We are very excited that apart from supporting NSW Feature artists, Anthony Walker and Winston Walford, we will be hosting a visit from the Artists of the Milingimbi Art Centre at each of our two events!   They’ll be weaving, painting spears and barks and showing their crafts to visitors.

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Milingimbi is an island community literally just off the coast of Arnhem Land in the far north of Australia, approximately 400 km east of Darwin, Northern Territory. A number of different clan groups exist among the population of around 1,000 that call Milingimbi home, including surrounding outstations (or homelands).

There is a long tradition of creative and cultural works – bark paintings, carvings and weavings to name the most traditional. Many of Milingimbi’s artists both past and present are represented in collections locally and internationally.

Bark painting alone is said to have a tradition stretching back thousands of years, long before the arrival of Europeans. They have been officially recorded by balanda (non-Yolngu) as having been commissioned as early as 1912, and were collected during the 1920’s from the time the first Methodist missionaries arrived.

Some missionaries encouraged the artists to use their creative skills in the art and craft field as a commercial activity, but it was’nt until the 1960’s that it would become a major source of rupia (income) for them. Of course many items made by the locals are still used for practical and, most importantly, ceremonial purposes.    TransitionToSchoolGraduatesMilingimbi 971341_626512477404897_725279944_n images 857232_494290200627126_1822751400_o 412487_408038005919013_1638975941_o 884338_510062842383195_126224836_o 290866_410508302338650_2083101736_o 271353_429635213759292_677207642_o 135242_449781941744619_2104960490_o 1518533_626486650740813_766719303_o 1014693_546762015379944_526447288_o 1523851_626486490740829_1224299350_o 1097302_556434281079384_87471926_o 1559495_639932039396274_405024578_o 330734_403389879717159_510105309_o 527150_404541672935313_588465065_n milingimbiMapL 1458478_679893055368800_1512962050_n 1454911_679892858702153_1324350623_n 1452447_679892452035527_1994667172_n 1474467_679892382035534_1150208676_n