Clients often see a particular artist’s work that makes their heart sing, or they may have a need for a particular size or style – so we go looking!

We ensure the artwork will be sourced in a way that is ethical and has the best cultural integrity and provenance possible.  We also ensure the client is happy with the execution.

These are some of the paintings we’ve specially sourced for clients recently: sized between 90 x 150 and 100 x 180cm.    You can see more of these artists’ works among our art listings:   and  and  or you can request a commission.   Artwork preferences, and tastes in art, are very personal but there’s such a diverse range of regions and artists with different styles whether you’re after something precisely rendered or freer styled - or elegant and fine vs industrial and raw – there’s an Aboriginal Artwork that will work in any style of home.


Maureen Poulson at Tali GalleryDoris Bush Commission at Tali GalleryJoseph Tjangala Zimran





Malakara by Anthony Walker at Tali Gallery