Another deadly Erub Artist’s recycled ghost net bag looking stylish!


The very effervescent Elisa Jane Carmichael with her new Tjanpi Bird by Telstra finalist, Sheena Dodd!

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Di with Aunty Liz and Uncle Ken Thaiday at Tali Gallery’s opening

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“This Mermaid could look amazing at home!”


A badge of honour in the war on pollution of the oceans!

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Uncle Ken Thaiday imparting his wisdom at the Opening at Tali Gallery


Ghost net weaving on canvas and as an ‘Obalow’

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Sydney Photographer Zoe Reynolds telling us about the need for a new Ocean Wall on Sabai!


Elisa Jane Carmichael’s vibrant artwork depicting her island home


Note the fantastic empathe ‘fish hook’ inspired creation on which the ghost net bags are hanging


A very striking window!

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Obalow with her ‘starfish’ basket

We were extremely fortunate to welcome Aunty Liz and Uncle Ken Thaiday to Tali Gallery to open our ‘For Love of Country’ exhibitions on 23rd November.  Along with Elisa Jane Carmichael, there was a wonderful spirit of welcome – local children had prepared a welcome card depicting our community for each of these artists.   It was pleasing to have an artist of world fame who has been practising his craft for some 30 years and then a young emerging artist who also inspired us all.   Upstairs was the launch of the Indulkana artists’ exhibition – different circumstances again whereby these elderly men had commenced painting their country fairly recently.  Zoe Reynolds was our non Indigenous Sydney based contributor who also attended and spoke about her first hand experience of the rising seas on Sabai in the Torres Strait Islands.   IMG_8386 IMG_8399 IMG_8406 IMG_8412 IMG_8426 IMG_8442 IMG_8444

Ken Thaiday Opening 'For Love of Country'

Erub’s deadly recycled ghost net bag !