Di and Yhanni are delighted to be working with the extraordinary knowledge holder, Aunty Margaret Campbell, once again!   We used to work with Margaret previously on the harbour, and it’s wonderful to be reunited in a new partnership!   Aunty Margaret now operates the Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour, a 90 minute leisurely walkabout with an Aboriginal guide in The Rocks, and journey into DreamTime, the culture of Aboriginal People.   Aunty Margaret will be working with us on a special Reconciliation Week Cultural event at Tali Gallery as well as recommending our gallery to her clients as a place where they can confidently buy ethically sourced work with top provenance from Aboriginal Owned and Governed Community Art Centres across Australia, as well as from selected Urban artists using the same principles of ethical trading.  This  is a special partnership promoting cultural support and awareness.

The Rocks Dreaming  is led by Aboriginal guides who have permission to share the amazing stories held in this historic part of Sydney. The tour gives you the opportunity to discover how the ancient Aboriginal dreaming is still alive within the modern Sydney landscape and how the billion-year old harbour, marine environment, sandstone strata, waterways, flora and fauna influenced how Aboriginal people lived in the area.   Participate in cultural acknowledgement with ochre (traditional paint),  experience the opportunity to handle cultural objects and materials, hear and learn some of the language spoken by the Cadigal people.The Rocks Dreaming working with Tali Gallery