Tali Gallery has always been delighted to represent the Bundjalung women from Casino  – the Wake Up Time Group – who create the most beautiful silk scarves and wraps/ sarongs dyed with natural leaves such as eucalypt – priced at $45, $75 and $150.  Here are some photographs of their silks and woven accessories from the inaugual Australian Indigenous Fashion Week featuring wearable Aboriginal Art, Craft and Design, held at Sydney Town Hall last week.   We have the beautiful silks here at the gallery (scarves and sarongs onlly) and also some of their woven bowls.  Stunning!   10246271_477140655720419_7633110287685865092_n 10259876_477136792387472_9166984795533971510_n 10250246_476872432413908_2606262574850881197_n 1557652_477140729053745_2373260531349870911_n