We are delighted with new arrivals from the APY Lands – depicting traditional country, rockholes, sandhills, flat plains covered by vibrantly coloured wildflowers, distinctive trees, creeks that are mostly dry and stain black on the rocks and sand when they dry out are all part of the landscape.  The feature painting is by Robin Kankapankatja of the Nguraritja people.  Robin combines a fine eye for detail with an eagle’s overview of his  country, Yankunytjatjara in the south of Walalkara, 700,000 hectares of the Great Victoria Desert protected as the Walalkara Indigenous ProtectedArea (IPA), 65 kilometres south west of Kaltjiti.   He was born in 1930 and is an expert tracker.  He has an intimate knowledge of the animals and plants of his country and maps it with an easy sense of space and openness.   It is the site of  highly diverse reptile species on a world scale.