Tali Gallery is delighted to once again bring a display of Alice Springs Beanie Festival Museum Pieces to Sydney.  Exhibition Opening 22nd June, extending through to the end of July.  Various events will be held in conjunction with the Tali G Beanie Fest including Rozelle Fest and the Beanie Street Party in our local community.  Our community Primary School, Rozelle Public, will also be holding a Beanie Day to raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.   All proceeds from Tali G’s beanie sales will also be attributed to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation who works with publishers to distribute children’s books in traditional languages to remote communities.


Textile artists, knitters, felters, crocheters and kids are all invited to participate by entering a beanie or a decorated beanie in the theme of Yarns and Stories, into our beanie competition.  Beanie decorating workshops will also be held during the school holidays.  Please join the fun!