Di and Yhanni have lived in Rozelle for some 29 years and established Tali Gallery’s wonderful premises 3 years ago come October.   We’ve hosted many special events, artist workshops and visits, educational programs with preschoolers through to high schoolers, and much more.   We’ve organised community events and enjoyed networking with many businesses, schools, artists and residents in our neighbourhood and beyond.   Lots of external exhibitions have been curated and hung as voluntary projects to help out, and as fundraising activities for Indigenous scholarship and literacy projects;  many friendships and connections have been forged; much has been achieved. There’s a retrospective You Tube Slide Show below, more about our art than our activities.

Please come and celebrate our three year milestone with us on Sunday October 20 from 3pm to 6pm!

Tali Gallery's Third Birthday October 2013

Tali Gallery’s Third Birthday 20th October 2013