Melanie Hava has been busy creating delightful small works for Tali Gallery priced from $70 for small tablets in a wide range of compositions and colours – through to $940 for 60x60cm sized pieces.

Pictured below are the 60x60cm paintings.


Why does Melanie Hava paint brolgas?

“I just love painting brolgas because they resonate with my poetic, romantic and whimsy side! 

In my eyes, they are the epitome of ‘true love’ – mating for life and dancing with each other to strengthen their bonds. 

We saw a lot of brolgas out bush where I grew up – around Mount Isa and Yowah (Opal fields), and seeing them in action was very impressive. 

They’re graceful, elegant and so free. 

Thats why I love painting them.”




Melanie Hava 3 Melanie Hava 1 Sunset melanie Hava 2014 Mixed media 61x61cm melanie Hava 4