We will be holding a memorial exhibition for an artist much lauded for her depictions of the sandhills of her country and her naive works – vale M Jugadai from the Ikuntji Aboriginal Art Centre at Haasts Bluff.  M passed away at the age of only 56  years early last year and she leaves a daughter and a son behind who are also artists.  She is just one example of the gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and Non Indigenous Australians.  We will exhibit M’s work as well as her daughter,   Keturah Zimran’s where we can strive to make a difference.  On the same night, is the Rozelle Precinct Event for Art Month Sydney and our opening of an exhibition called mixT, with artworks in 3D, featuring Wayne Liwingu McGinness’s stainless steel sculptures.  Wayne’s heritage is paperbark, rainforest and Torres Strait Islands.  At Christmas in 2012, the art world also lost Torres Strait artist, B Missi, from the complications of diabetes at the age of only 42.   Yet another example of the inequality and unacceptable gap in life expectancy.  Let’s remember these two wonderful artists and support the current generation who we want to stay strong.


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