Ochre Treasures from Arnhem Land $75 each.

glass photo 4

Medium Glass Bowls – Handcrafted $155 (Large $195)


Tiny Bowls from Indigenous Potters in Victoria $30 each


Clapsticks from the Central Desert from $35

Tali Gallery has an ever changing range of gifts suitable for corporate presents to suit all budgets from $36 for small handcrafted ceramic pieces  and $40 for small handcrafted glass coolamons to several hundred dollars for framed fine art prints, small original paintings and collectible pottery.

We select carefully to ensure everything is tasteful and beautiful, and include functional as well as decorative ideas.

We offer beautiful crafts in a wide range of media  such as small mounted, limited edition prints;  miniature ochre paintings; 30x30cm contemporary acrylic canvases;  silk fabrics and scarves; jewellery, ceramics, stainless steel and glass.

We are happy to make suggestions,  whether it is for culturally, recipient interest or occasion appropriate gifts and can arrange large quantities for special events.


Wide Range of Silk Scarves (from $120)

croc eggs photo

Ochre Painted Crocodile Eggs $95


Baby Bird Boabs from $35

vinylcuts 2 photo

Fine Art Prints – Framed from $360

scarf IMG_2264

Boxed, Hand Dyed Silk Scarves $90


Tiwi Pottery From $280


New Glass Arrivals at Tali Gallery

Hand Painted Kiln Fired Glass from $35 to $70


Stainless steel Creatures from $25 (Gecko)


Boxed Silk Scarves – Hand Dyed $90


Small Paintings $220 (30x30cm)



Small Paintings from the Desert from $135 to $170


Small Urban Artworks $220

photo 1

Hand crafted Glass $35 and $40

photo 3

Aboriginal Art Pens $7 (Other Designs Available)


Waterhole Keyrings from $12.50


Small Artworks $220 (also available in black and white)