We have been working with Cedric Varcoe for several years now.  This artist, who is passionate about sharing his culture, has recently undertaken some developmental workshops in South Australia and has created some wonderful new executions depicting the traditional stories of his country along the Murray and in the Coorong.  We have received some delightful new 30x30cm paintings by Cedric as follows with these stories:


1. Long time ago, when Ngurunderi came down, making our country, making the River Murray and Lakes, all things, and big rainbows for us to see where it had rained

2. Ngurunderi Hunting Big Emu’s around the Salt Pans at Wellington

3. Nepele at his Camp at Lake Alexandrina where he was Fishing

4. Ngurunderi when he was looking for Water along the Coiorong where he was camping there too



Cedric Varcoe 3 Cedric Varcoe Cedric Varcoe 2 Cedric Varcoe 4