10500397_735167236539420_7838765274372005701_nAboriginal Artists from Arnhem Land are constantly reinventing their pandanus creations and we are  proud to be exhibiting a new display of bowls, mats, dilly and string bags which make the heart sing.  Working with pandanus is arduous – time consuming and requiring great skill – the dyes used are natural and require a good deal of effort to procure.  The results are remarkable!  1622104_703418169714327_18958291431130417_n10557187_735167129872764_767771208164509373_n 1622104_703418169714327_18958291431130417_n 10491208_735166693206141_3612068851424590592_n 10500397_735167236539420_7838765274372005701_n