Canoe - Grooyte Eylandt

Canoe – Grooyte Eylandt



Bag created on Darnley Island – Torres Strait

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Ghostnet Bag created on Darnley Island, Torres Strait

Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been abandoned at sea, lost accidentally, or deliberately discarded. They travel the oceans of the world with the currents and tides, continually fishing as they progress through the waters. As they are unattended and roaming they fish indiscriminately, not only catching threatened species but undersized and protected fish as well.

Ghostnet Australia performs amazing work collecting them so they cannot do further damage once they wash up on our beaches.  Indigenous artists living in the Torres Strait Islands,  around Cape York and on our islands and coastlines are creating some very beautifully coloured artworks which have been exhibited around the world, including in Paris, Cairns, WA and Sydney – with a special project for Sculpture by the Sea in 2012.

We will be exhibiting sculptures and baskets created by artists at Pormpuraaw Arts and Culture Centre on Cape York, Erub Arts in the Torres Strait Islands have been creating very special handbags which will be launched on this day, and Grooyte Eylandt weavers have been busy as well .


You can read more here:


and see a puppet show about ghost nets filmed on Moa Island using Ghost Net creations to tell about the problem:


and see a film/read a blog from the Australian Museum here:






Cutting Edge Bags from Erub Erwer Meta – Darnley Island Arts Centre

'Obarow' created by Five Artists from Pormpuraaw Arts and Culture, Cape York

‘Obarow’ created by Five Artists from Pormpuraaw Arts and Culture, Cape York