“Love” Saibai, Torres Strait, Australia.   Already underwater each monsoon season due to the very real effects of climate change and the rising tides.

Photographer, Zoe Reynolds, captured the plight of the people on Saibai, one of five islands in the Torres Strait threatened by the rising seas, as the oceans engulf their homes and they petition the government for urgent funding pledged to repair their seawalls.

Love Saibai, love the Torres Strait, home to Mabo and some of Australia’s most prominent artist communities: lobby the federal government to release the promised $12M funding urgently needed to repair the islands’ sea walls:



Zoe Reynolds is a Sydney based photographer who has spent the past two years shooting the impact of climate change and rising sea levels on our coastal and island communities.

In February this year Zoe spent 10 days on the islands of Boigu and Saibai in the Torres Strait, northern Australia to photograph the oceans inundating the townships streets and coastal communities on the King Tide while interviewing community elders and leaders.

Her slideshow “Dire Strait” narrated by Saibai elder Mebai Warusam was voted runner up at Sydney’s Head On Walkley’s slide night held at the NSW State Library this June and also featured at the Brisbane Walkley Slide Night in September.

Her local works on climate change have also been exhibited at GalleryEast, Clovelly and on ABC TV News24 Environment Quarter program.

Zoe first studied photography at the National Art School in the 1970s and more recently at the Australian Centre for Photography.  She has also worked as a journalist for Fairfax, SBS TV,  labor publications and currently corresponds for the London-based Fairplay magazine.

Come and meet Zoe on Saturday 23rd November from 3 to 6pm and see her art and the need for us all to pay careful attention to ensure that we maximise our efforts for the future of the people living on these Australian islands most immediately, and our children’s futures to follow.

Zoe’s Torres Strait Underwater series of Exhibition prints are layers, photo shopped in photographic editions of ten:   The larger size is $350 framed or $150 unframed  (16″x 24″); and $60 framed or $40 unframed (frame size 8″ x 12″).   The photographs are ‘Love’, ‘Yellow Ball’, ‘Red Bucket’, ‘Blues’, ‘Home’ and ‘Drying Out’.


"Love" Saibai, Torres Strait Photograph by Zoe Reynolds

“Love” Saibai, Torres Strait Photograph by Zoe Reynolds




Love Sabai Photographs by Zoe Reynolds at Tali Gallery

Love Sabai Photographs by Zoe Reynolds at Tali Gallery