Silk Scarves from Indigenous Batik Artist, Helena Geiger


Silk Scarves from Indigenous Batik Artist, Helena Geiger



Helena Geiger – Natural dyes, batik technique – beautiful waterhole scarves

Tali Gallery offers an everchanging  range of  contemporary  handcrafted gifts with a traditional edge, created by Aboriginal people from regions all over Australia – including a new selection of delicate hand dyed silk scarves from NSW Indigenous Artist, Helena Geiger.

Wide Range of Handcrafted Gift Ideas

Hand printed cushion covers from Maningrida

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Baskets from the Desert Weavers

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Screen printed cushion covers and tablecloths from Arnhemland

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Tjanpi, ininti seeds, quandong, Ngatji and Liddy Walker earings

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Handpainted emu eggs and handwoven baskets

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Stainless steel creatures from Wayne Liwingu

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Small paintings and Artwear Pendants

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Desert Creatures, Baskets and Small Paintings

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Fibre, Glass, Small Paintings, Pottery and Carved Boabs

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Emu Feathered Baskets with Eggs and Ininti Seeds

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Small Paintings, Pandanus mat and Desert Creatures




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