We are delighted to represent  Cleonie Quayle’s Designer Range of HandPainted Gumnut and Quandong Jewellery which she creates with her daughter Jade – it’s all about passing down culture!    Handpainted natives are blended with sea glass, wooden or linen beads, beads made from recycled paper or beautiful chunks of agate in amber or turquoise colours.  There are chokers, beads threaded on silver wire and longer bead styles, as well as clusters of bangles with complementary beads. Cleonie has ancestry from the Lake Mungo region  which has been inhabited for at least 60,000 years, as well as Irish heritage with an extensive Quayle clan located across the world beyond their homeland of the Isle of Man (or ‘Mann’) in the Irish Sea which has been inhabited since 6,500 BC.

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