Mabel Juli


M Thomas


Agnes Armstrong


Dora Griffiths


Mabel Juli

Tali Gallery works with three Aboriginal Owned, Community Art Centres in the Kimberley.  Most of the work is created using ochres which are mixed and burnt to create colour variations.  Sometimes pigments are added.

The Warmun Community Artists have been highlighted by the Muse du Quai Branley’s replication of Lena Nyadbi’s painting on their rooftop recently, and the spectacular exhibition of the community art centre’s works in the Australian Embassy in Paris as a celebratory event.

Rover Thomas was a foundation artist from the Warmun Community.  Artists represented at Tali include Mabel Juli, Betty Carrington, Phyllis Thomas, Shirley Purdie, Roseleen Park and Georgina Mouda.

Wandjina figures and stories from the Mabel King estate works in acrylics are available at Tali Gallery courtesy of Mowanjum.


Betty Carrington (Gija) “Thirringgenyji” (Owl Rock)

And Tali also works with the Yarliyil Art Centre at Halls Creek where the artists work in acrylics and paint their country.