The Artists of Pormpuraaw have earned a reputation for very beautiful etchings and lino cuts – limited edition fine artworks which depict the creatures of their tropical landscape on the Cape York Peninsular and the coastline of the Gulf of Carpentaria.   These are part of our ‘For Love of Country’ exhibition opening Saturday November 23, and are very reasonably priced at $300 each unframed.   The Paper size of each is 75 x 57cm with either portrait or landscape perspectives in this size.


Sid Bruce Short Joe, etching "Dogs Barking at Corella's"

Sid Bruce Short Joe, etching “Dogs Barking at Corella’s”

Hedley Karyuka, Yunkaporta Dancing Brolgas - Copy

Hedley Karyuka, Yunkaporta, “Dancing Brolga’s” (Blue)

Hedley Karyuka _ Hedley Karyuka _Slamon and Barramundi_ 55 by 52cm JPG copy - Copy

Hedley Karyuka, “Salmon and Barramundi”

Hedley Karyuka Bream - Copy

Hedley Karyuka “Bream”

ElliotKoomutta Mag pie geese lino cut print 42 by 72cmJPG - Copy

Elliot Koomutta “Magpie Geese” Lino Cut Print

HK _Yunkaporta_ dancing Brolga etching, 2013 copy

Hedley Karyuka, Yunkaporta, “Dancing Brolga’s” (Black and White)


Pormpurraw Arts is located in Far North Queensland


Sid Bruce Short Joe, “Moon and Coral Spawn”