Kimberley Ochres at Tali Gallery Betty Bundamurra K0068-15  at Tali Gallery Peggy Griffiths 4602-13 at Tali Gallery Mary Punchi Clements at Tali Gallery Mary Umagarri Teresa Taylor K121077 at Teresa Taylor Mary Punchi Clement K0087-15 at Tali Gallery Betty Bundamurra K0070-15 at Tali Gallery 30x30cm prestretched  paintings at Tali Gallery Miniature Kimberley Ochres at Tali Gallery

















During August, we are exhibiting a wonderful collection of ready stretched, miniature Kimberley ochres by very significant artists including Alan and Peggy Griffiths, Betty Bundamurra and Mary Punchi Clements.  These are worthy of creating a collection, or definitely make a very special gift.




And no Kimberley exhibition is complete without Wandjina – these two small gems are by Kenneth Gibson.


Kimberley Ochre 150605 at Tali Gallery Kenneth Gibson at Tali Gallery











30x30 Acrylics at Tali Gallery














We are also exhibiting bright acrylics in a miniature 30x30cm size, on prestretched canvas,  in a range of themes in late August – the first being contemporary executions of ancient stories in a modern aesthetic; the second being a collection of various birds, including emus and owls;  and the third, depicts the constellations of Pleithes and Orion in Seven Sisters Dreaming.




Pauline Gallagher 480 15ny Pauline Gallagher 475 15ny Pauline Gallagher 476 15ny Pauline Gallagher 477 15ny Pauline Gallagher 478 15ny Pauline Gallagher 479 15ny
















Arriving with this consignment is a group of 30x30cm paintings, stretched and ready to hang on the wall, by Pauline Napangardi Gallagher telling of the Snake Vine Dreaming.   These would very effectively be hung, spaced in a strip along a hallway, or grouped in pairs in either a horizontal or vertical block.   Please contact the Gallery for further information.   We recently put Pauline’s artwork forward for the UNSW Indigenous Law Bulletin and also provided a body of her work for a medical conference in Sydney to reward attending delegates.


Please use the contact form to enquire or pop in see us!