The Art Centres are generally closed during the high peak summer temperatures in the desert and cyclone season in the top end.  However, a few are open with air conditioning providing relief during the day.  In the remote desert areas, temperatures can reach 48 degrees while night time temperatures plummet to freezing!  We experienced a 45 degree day in Sydney in January 2013 and all melted so it’s not surprising everyone heads for relief in the desert peak heat.   Here are some new paintings that have arrived from the edge of the Tanami Desert in Central Australia, about three hour’s drive north west of Alice Springs.  Think red dust, dry heat, packs of dogs seeking shelter in the shade of trees, brumbies and camels galloping through the streets during the night, and rich culture and traditions with stories about storms, rain and traversing this arid country in colours reminiscent of the pink and orange hues of the landscape.


Christine Napanangka Michaels


Judith Nungarrayi Marshall


Kevin Napangardi Williams


Kevin Napangardi Williams


Petra Nampijinpa Marshall


Julie Nangala Robertson