Karina Coombes

Karina Coombes , Kulama Ceremony, $2995


Susan Wanji Wanji, Tiwi Artist

Susan Wanji Wanji, Jilamara, $2960

Off to the Footy, Debbie Coombes

Off to the Footy, Debbie Coombes $995




Inigo Warlapinni “Tutini” $460

Alberta Puruntatameri “Arijilani” $720

Francesca Puruntatameri “Jilamara Design” $2360

Andrina Babui, “Jarrikalani” $1760

Alison Puruntatameri “Pwoja Jilamara” sold

We  are proud to present Tiwi paintings by various artists painting at the Munupi Art Centre on Melville Island.   Most are traditionally combed with ochre paints using Jilamara body paint designs.