Tali Gallery is included in the Tuesday night Art Month Sydney event next week where a group of collectors who have brought their work together will discuss their choices – Amy Griffiths, who is the

A Tali Gallery Artwork is included in this Collectors' Exhibition

A Tali Gallery Artwork is included in this Collectors’ Exhibition

Manager at Boomalli NSW Artists Co-Operative, recently purchased a painting from us by Albert Namatjira Jnr, the grandson of the iconic artist who was the first Aboriginal person to be granted citizenship in Australia. Hermannsburg artists paint their sacred country, often from memory as aerial artists do, as it is carried with them in their heads and through their songlines. They depict the male trees and the female trees and the spirits within and the places where Dreamtime stories are set. Amy also more recently purchased a Judy Napangardi fine art print of the sacred Snake Vine.   Find out about it here:  http://www.artmonthsydney.com.au/collect/collectors-space