Tali Gallery is pleased to present Professor Ray Norris, Astronomer and Astrophysicist with the CSIRO, talking about Aboriginal Astronomy.  Drinks at Tali Gallery at 6.15pm with the talk at 7pm at the Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre next door – free!  Thursday March 8.  (Duration approx 40 minutes plus questions).  The painting pictured is by Alma Nungarrayi Granites courtesy of her art centre and depicts the Seven Sisters Dreaming story relating to Pleithes and Orion.

The First Astronomers

Australian Aboriginal stories about the sky are remarkably similar to Classical Greek stories. Orion is nearly always a hunter, or a young man. The cluster of stars called “The Seven Sisters” is nearly always a group of young girls being chased by Orion. How come? Which came first? Is one story derived from the other or do they share a common ancestor, dating from the dawn of humankind? In this talk, Ray Norris, an astrophysicist and expert on Australian Aboriginal Astronomy, compares the astronomy of the Aboriginal Cultures with that of classical Greek Mythology.