Tjarlirli at Tali Gallery

Esther Giles, Purrungu – Python Story, 51 x 75.5cm

Tjarlirli at Tali Gallery 14-398

Tjawina Porter, Kuruyurltu – Esther, 101.5 x 75.5cm


Elsa Fiona Young, Minyma Tjuta – Lake Hopkins, 101.5 x 75.5cm


Tjawina Porter, Purrungu – Python Story, 75.5 x 75.5cm


Elsa Fiona Young, Minyma (Elsa), 75.5 x 75.5 cm


Tjawina Porter, Tjarjirli Rockhole, 102 x 122cm

From the remote Tjarlirli Art Centre at Tjukurla, we are pleased to present a small body of paintings by Esther Giles, Tjawina Porter and Elsa Fiona Young, each in the 75 to 105cm size range.  Please contact the Gallery for further information.