Reinhold Inkamala is a descendant of a prominent family from Hermannsburg, who represent a lineage of famous potters and artists.  He was featured on the Jukurrpa Calendar cover in 2014 and has created a circular landscape which is to be projected up into the cuppola of a dome at the University of NSW in Sydney.


Reinhold has followed the tradition of the watercolour artists and descendants of Albert Namatjira until recently, when he has begun painting in acrylics.


We will be delighted to exhibit his new body of acrylics and watercolours, in a solo exhibition from 24th October.  You can see some of the exhibition work on our website here:  http://www.taligallery.com/artists/Rei793/artist-art-list1.asp


The family was recorded in a census as follows:

Reinhold Inkamala, born 1894 Hermannsburg, part time stockman
Clara Inkamala,  born 1900 Hermannsburg
From this couple descend all Inkamalas

Reinhold Inkamala 14Reinhold Inkamala 5Reinhold Inkamala 17 Reinhold Inkamala 16 






Skin name: Jangala
Language: Arrernte
Date of birth: 1969-12-31
From: Hermannsburg

Reinhold was born in Alice Springs. His mother and father were both from Ntaria (Hermannsburg), and thus Reinhold’s father’s dreaming and his own are Mt. Hermannsburg.

As a young man, Reinhold was an ace AFL football player, but an accident resulted in a brain injury that stopped him from playing. Reinhold is married to Cathy (Jennifer) Wirri and has two daughters with her; watercolour artist Kevin Wirri was his father in law.

Reinhold taught himself to paint by drawing first. He loves to paint and draw his father’s country. He paints beautiful landscapes with great technique and unusual and interesting uses of colour. His grandparents, the Pareroultjas, taught Reinhold to paint when he was a school child, using pencils. Artist Ivy Pareroultja is like a mother to Reinhold.



– Tali Gallery, Sydney, March 2014

– Talapi Gallery, Alice Springs, Garden of Eden, April 2014