Sunday 20th October, Tali G hosted two guest speakers who have worked as curators in remote art centres as well as a guest from the Museum of Sydney.  Irena Hatfield read from her latest book, “White Woman Black Art” recounting her establishment of the art centre on Elcho Island.  Yaja Hadrys talked about life in the community at Ramingining (where Ten Canoes was filmed).   Julia North told us about the sensitive approach taken by the Museum of Sydney towards their recounting of Aboriginal life in the colony.

It made for a very interesting afternoon within a convivial, relaxed atmosphere.

We celebrated our third anniversary in our Rozelle premises as well as our recently awarded ‘Best Aboriginal Art Gallery in Sydney’ listing, and opened two exhibitions – Cedric Varcoe’s inaugural showing in Sydney, and Bindi Arts represented by Kukula McDonald, Conway Ginger and Billy Benn.   These works are displayed with a range of other art centre offerings including Papunya Tjupi, Ngurratjuta Many Hands, Walurkurlangu,  HopeVale Arts and a collection of Tjanpi woven crafts and fine art prints.

Please do come and see this interesting work with their wonderful stories!  There are lots more interesting afternoons and days to be had!


IMG_8132 - Copy

Julia North telling us about the current exhibit at the Museum of Sydney

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The event was well attended with visitors to help us celebrate and hear the speakers.


Irena Hatfield, the author of White Woman, Black Art; available from Tali G


Irena Hatfield reading from her new book about establishing the art centre on Elcho Island.


Yaja Hadrys telling us about bring Robyn Djunginy to Sydney to receive her NAIDOC Artist of the Year award in 2011. Robyn demonstrated her weaving at Tali G.


Yaja showing photographs of people wearing ochre for ceremony for the funeral of an important community leader.




Stainless steel platypus by Wayne McGinness and Tjanpi emu feather ‘bowl’.


Three artists from Bindi Arts Inc. and Tjanpi baskets.


Ghost net sculptures from Grooyte Eylandt.

pauline photo

Saltwater Country by Pauline Bonney with a selection of work from Bindi Arts Inc.


Tjanpi Basket and Hand Embroidered, cross cultural Cushions


Tjanpi Desert Weavers’ work


Woven baskets and pandanus camp dog


Elton Wirri Watercolour with Ghost Net ‘Canoe’ from Grooyte Eylandt


Papunya Tjupi paintings