We are delighted to be hosting the opening of the Rozelle Beanie Festival in the theme of Friendship this coming Friday.   Please join us to welcome Ms Karen Williams from the Indigenous Literacy Foundation who will tell us about the Foundation’s special work in remote communities.  Tali Gallery has worked with numerous schools in our area and other organisations across Sydney to hold beanie days with kids wearing decorated beanies in theme to school during NAIDOC Week and then donating a gold coin,  the proceeds being sent by the school to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

We have been exhibiting some special beanies from the Alice Springs Beanie Festival Museum and will be featuring at the opening, some wonderful beanies freshly created by the kids from the local art school, ArtSPARK!   Please come and see these charming and delightful creations with the kids’ own interpretations of friendship!

From 30th June some of the ArtSPARK beanies will be on exhibition at Leichhardt Library (Opening Tuesday 2nd July, 6.30pm with Angela Catterns and Leichhardt Mayor, Darcy Byrne).  The remainder of the beanies will be distributed through Rozelle’s shop windows!   The Alice Springs beanies will be returned to the museum in preparation for further touring!

Beanie Festival Museum Pieces - Alice Springs

Beanie Festival Museum Pieces – Alice Springs