It has been exciting to see Lena Nyadbi’s painting on the rooftop of a Parisian building viewed from the Eiffel Tower!

Lena paints with the Warmun Community and we have the work of several of the artists from this art centre at Tali Gallery, including some of those (Mabel Juli, Phyllis Thomas and Shirley Purdie) whose work is being exhibited in the Australian Embassy in Paris.

Lena’s work tells about three women trying to trap Dayiwul, the great barramundi with spinifex nets, a traditional method of fishing where river spinifex is rolled and placed in the water forming a kind of net.  Dayiwul was too clever for the women and jumped over the barrier they had laid and then pushed her body through the rock of what is now called Pitt Range.  The women gave up and walked to Gawinyji where they turned into rocks.  The scales of Dayiwul embedded in the rock and became the diamonds that are extracted from the Argyle Diamond Mine.


Lena Nyadbi from Warmun Community at the Eiffel Tower to view her painting on a Paris rooftop


Lena Nyadbi’s painting being recreated on a Parisian Rooftop


Lena Nyadbi in Paris

It is a very exciting time for these Warmun Artists!   You can see their paintings by clicking on ‘Artists’ on this website.