We enjoyed a surprise visit from Art Centre Manager, Vianetta yesterday and are excitedly awaiting some of the wonderful creations made from Ghost Nets by the artists from the Anindilyakwa Arts and Cultural Centre on Groote Eylandt.

Ghost nets have been washing up on Grooyt Eylandt and causing grief to wildlife but the locals decided to put it to good use and now create soft sculpture figurines, dilly bags and baskets such as the one Loretana is holding in this photograph.

Groote Eylandt is the largest island in the Gulf of Carpentaria in northeastern Australia.  It is located about 630km from Darwin, and  50km from the NT mainland  and eastern coast of Arnhemland (opposite Blue Mud Bay).  It is owned by, and is the homeland of the Anindilyakwa people .

The Island has been inhabited by Aboriginal people for many thousands of years and is the scene for some fine rock art.   The island was visited by Macassans from Indonesian waters for trading and there are names of places on the island relating to this culture.

Grooyt Eylandt was named by explorer, Abel Tasman, in 1644 although it was noted as being visible from a distance by another Dutch explorer in 1623.   (The  name in the old Dutch language means Big Island.)


Ghost Net Basket by Loretana from Grooyt Eylandt

Ghost Net Basket by Loretana from Grooyt Eylandt