We are delighted to offer these handpainted stones from local Indigenous artist, Peter Watt, who’s working with young Indigenous people in Sydney’s western suburbs.  This is the start of a very special project to encourage connection to country and self esteem through art creation.

There will be a range of  traditional symbols combined with messages of respectful living. These stones are called ‘Ripple Effect’ – and depict the waterhole symbol.

Imagine and reflect on the ripple effect from a pebble dropped into a pool of water, there to remind us that everything we do has an impact.  Just as water is essential to life, so is our consideration for the world and the people around us as we are all connected.

Copyright The Artists and Tali Gallery, 2013

"Ripple Effect" handpainted stones by Peter Watt

“Ripple Effect” handpainted stones by Peter Watt and his team of young Indigenous Artists