These paintings are some of the new arrivals from Ninuku Arts which  is an Indigenous owned arts centre and the most remote of those located in the APY Lands. It is governed by a committee of practising artists with the advice and support of a full-time manager and studio manager. All art work produced is catalogued, documented and authenticated and income from sales flows back to individual artists, with a proportion set aside to maintain Ninuku Arts as a community-owned enterprise. Ninuku Arts supports local culture, the development of employment opportunities, and the ethical production and sales of paintings.  We are proud to be displaying this artwork which has genuine cultural integrity and impeccable provenance as well as being rich with traditional stories.

These paintings are not yet uploaded on our website but soon will be – please contact the gallery to enquire in the meantime.

The artwork is related to the exhibition and concepts of the Ngintaka Tjukurpa currently displayed at the South Australian Museum, as well as recounting the Seven Sisters Story and other traditional dreamings and themes.   The artists represented include Nyanu Watson,  Melissa Donegan, Judy Miller, Carol Young, Nita Connelly, Tjulkiwa Atira Atira, Nyayati Stanley Young, Yaritja Connelly, Samuel  Miller, Monica Watson and others which will be posted during the week.


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