We feel immensely proud and delighted that NITV covered the special visit of Lenie Namatjira and Gloria Pannka to Tali Gallery recently. It was a special event, and we are also1975053_637540596299794_1300129533_nworkshop photo 3 photo 2 workshop photo 2 workshop photo 5grateful to the Art Gallery of NSW who accommodated the artists and hosted them on the Sunday, while we were able to enjoy their company at the exhibition opening of the Ngurratjuta Community’s work and their workshop on the Saturday. There are some further artworks available for sale on our website – simply click on Artworks, then Medium, then Watercolours, to see the stunning range of works that are available. NITV made a film clip which you can view (below).


While the style is instantly recognisable as ‘Namatjira’, the colour palettes and compositions vary and all are special, and very valid for different times of the day and the year.  Everyone has their favourite artists, whether depicting the stylised landscapes of Kevin Namatjira, the grandson of Albert Namajira, the red desert sands and rocks in the Douglas Abbott works, or the beautiful green growth after the rain in Elton Wirri’s paintings, or the delicate softness of  gentle light in Gloria Pannka’s paintings.  Peter Taylor’s treatment of water is beautiful indeed.  Each of these artists’ works help us to appreciate the ever changing light and landscape of the desert. The video makes the point that it is important to carry on Albert Namatjira’s legacy and support the artists in passing down their culture to the next generation to inspire pride and continuation of the knowledge of their country.