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Bugai Whyoulter at Tali Gallery

Bugai Whyoulter at Tali Gallery

                  We are pleased to present a pair of paintings by Bugai Whyoulter, a collectible artist, a Matu women from the Western Australian desert – the Pilbara region, where the story of Rabbit Proof Fence was set. The excitement of these artworks, their vitality and spirit is overwhelming. The artist’s intent to...
Bugai Whyoulter's Wondrous World View

Bugai Whyoulter’s Wondrous World View

There has been a wonderful exhibition of Martu paintings at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney and there is a new Martu exhibition called ‘We Don’t Need a Map’ in the Blue Mountains over the holiday period.  This is currently being shown in Katoomba and is travelling regional Australia after its inaugural exhibition in...