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Melanie Hava at Tali Gallery

Melanie Hava at Tali Gallery

The depiction of Dancing Brolga’s is Melanie’s signature work – joy and happiness on canvas, Melanie finds them graceful and notes that they mate for life and dance together to bond.  This work is 90.4 x 150cm.   We have several other works by Melanie in the gallery as well.    Please contact the gallery for further...
Brolga's Dancing by Melanie Hava

Brolga’s Dancing by Melanie Hava

                Gracing our windows and walls:  we’re delighted to be exhibiting some new whimsical and wonderful Brolga paintings by Melanie Hava.  There’s also a delightful Red Earred Finch and a Beautiful Blue Fairy Wren.  Please contact the Gallery for further information and please note that we can organise commissions...
Melanie Hava's Jabiru and Brolga's

Melanie Hava’s Jabiru and Brolga’s

Tali Gallery is delighted to represent Indigenous Artist, Melanie Hava in Sydney.  We love her stunning depictions of Brolga’s and Jabiru which show such elegance and grace, on backgrounds of beautifully detailed patterning from her traditional heritage.   We are pleased that NITV chose Melanie’s red Brolga’s Dancing painting below as the artwork image for...